The Countess Matelda, the spirit that hangs in the Poppi castle...

The Casentino Valley, land of medieval castles and churches, always brings histories and legends to tell, and to be heard tasting something special in the dish and in the glass. Roaming through hamlets and shops in Casentino, you will perhaps find her in the figure of a craft beer bottle, but in Poppi is still told, from the Middle Ages, the legend of the Countess Matelda, a beautiful woman and a terrible lover. She was so comely that every man, in the whole valley, had a strong desire for her.

Break into agriculture

In the near future, we'll probably have to change one of our most used sayings. We will no longer talk about "our grandparents" farming, but about "our grandchildren"… Agriculture is becoming in fact an increasingly young sector, with about 57 thousand agri-food companies run in Italy by under 35 farmers (according to datas of the Chambers of Commerce), with varied and specialized activities, and a considerable portion of female workers. Italy has been in 2017 the first country in Europe for the presence of young contractors in agriculture, reaching a + 6,8% of "young" companies compared to 2016.