My name is Edi and I want to tell you a story.
It all began in 1950, when Savina and Gigi, my parents and Federico’s grandparents, decided to take over the bar-restaurant in front of Bibbiena’s railway station, and Mummy stood over the stoves.
I grew up among the flavours of the smoking pans in the kitchen and at the tables of the many guests who began immediately to crowd the place, delighted by Grandma Savina’s tasty recipes. And, always looking for innovation, she was the one who – one day – prepared the first homemade ice-cream for her grandchild and then, for the very first time in the whole valley, offered it to her guests.
Always thinking of Grandam Savina’s recipes and by continuing what she taught me, when in 1985 the place passed on to me and my family, we decided to also devote ourselves to ice-cream and bakery, creating new activities which have enriched the experience of this family that is always willing to pick up innovation, with innovative ideas in order to keep up with the times and to meet the needs of a contemporary clientele, beware of health and wellness, willing to preserve or discover taste and tradition.
Now, Federico and his team are ready to let the world know all about traditional recipes and flavours, by bringing them on your tables, just with one click!