Meat Dishes

Colour, consistency, maturation.
For a Tuscan, meat is nearly a religion and to be really considered good quality it must meet those requirements which we, followers of Mummy Edi, very well know.

Grazing on the lands of our beloved land, recipes which exclusively include selected and special aromas, so we can bring the flavours of a land full of tradition on your table. And time.
The time which is necessary to prepare a good meal, balanced and discreet, with a unique taste and a characteristic aroma, preserved by slow cooking which makes the meat soft and tender and that we can now taste just with one click.

A jar containing taste, knowledge and tradition to get on the table for special moments, such as a relaxed family dinner after a day of work.
A dribble of good olive oil on a ready meal, to enhance the taste of home, of goodness.